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    Taiwan Delicacies
    Taiwan Delicacies
    24-Hour Beigang Traditional Delicacies Take Turns to Tempt Your Taste Buds! (Delicacies)
    2009-05-20 17:08:00
    2009-05-20 17:09:00
    Leanne Chien
    Leanne Chien
    By TTNews Reporter Chu Yu-Rong
    Yunlin County, Taiwan –

    An old saying once said that “Hunger breeds discontentment”, which indicates nothing is more important than food. Walking on the streets in a small town of Beigang, besides of visiting hundred-year-old temples and historic sites, a wide variety of traditional and distinctive snacks is the charm that lures so many tourists to this place.

    In the early morning, it is hard to believe that some of the stores have already begun to work. Hot and mouth-watering steamed bun is just like a blissful morning call to wake up the early birds. If you are seeking to savour a wide variety of delicacies such as duck rice, thin noodle paste, pan-fried rice cake, glutinous oil rice and stewed pig intestine, the streets near Chaotian Temple are where you should head to. Regardless of desserts or dishes, as long as the stores are selling food, they are usually called as “snack shop”.

    If you think that Beigang people are really fond of delicacies, you are totally right about it. Starting from the early morning, people’s mouth has never stopped moving. Snack shops also have three different operating hours. From 4 am to 11am, it is Beigang people’s breakfast time. Beigang people usually would like to have thin noodle paste, rice soup coupled with stewed intestine, glutinous oil rice and zongzi as breakfast. From noon until 7pm, it is considered as lunch time; sometimes people would like to have famous duck rice, thin noodle with duck and noodle in thick soup. From 7 pm until past midnight, it is supper time for ham knuckle rice, pork chop rice, pork intestine in soup of four herbs. Beigang delicacies take turns to tempt your taste buds in 24 hours a day!

    Glutinous rice food is a very important staple of Beigang people’s diet. Workers require a considerable physical strength for heavy works, so they usually would like to have glutinous rice and zongzi with a strong taste to make them feel satiated.

    Such as thin noodle paste is one of the best known breakfasts in Beigang. White thin noodle served with egg yolk and topped with meat sauce tastes better than you can imagine! Duck rice is a really popular breakfast choice as well. Next time if you have a chance visiting Beigang, don’t forget to savour its traditional snacks!

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    English and Chinese
    Beigang: 北港
    Chaotian Temple: 朝天宮

    【美食】玩樂北港 24小時傳統美食輪番上陣









    2009-05-20 17:08:00
    2009-05-20 17:09:00
    Taiwan Delicacies
    Taiwan Delicacies
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